Renaming the Forge

Hi all - In an effort to align the brands Hippo and Blomreach, we will rename the Hippo Forge to BloomReach Forge, this week on Wednesday, the 7th.

The BloomReach Forge on GitHub, is the community place for plugins, add-ons and extensions built on top of BloomReach Experience Manager.

@jeroen.hoffman did a great job of creating an updated skin! :+1:

Renaming the organisation has the following implications:

  • API requests that use the old organization’s name will return a 404 error. We recommend you update the old organization name in your API requests.


  • GitHub automatically redirects references to your repositories. Web links to the organization’s existing repositories will continue to work.
  • You can continue pushing your local repositories to the old remote tracking URL without updating it. However, we recommend you update all existing remote repository URLs after changing the organization name.

If you have any questions, just shoot. :blush:


Hi all,

Our Forge is now at with documentation at

Although there are redirects in place for the repositories, for local clones we do recommend to either re-clone or set the remote URLs as follows:
git remote set-url origin<repository-name>.git

In the repositories, there still are references to the onehippo-forge (e.g. <scm> and <ciManagement> pom elements) but that should heal over time. Also the documentation sites are still to be upgraded to the new 3.0.1 Maven skin.