Resource Bundle changes not reflected on webpage

  • I have a page which gets all its content via a resource bundle.
  • Published changes are not reflected when browsing the associated webpage
  • Unpublishing the content still shows an old version of the content when I would expect to see no content
  • Our CDN is not cacheing the page

Any ideas how I can resolve this?

Hippo Version 11

Does this also happen in a private session (ie, is it the browser cache)

You could try adding “?a” to the URL. This can be used to bust some caches. If that works then at least you are sure that caching is the problem.

Are you using any other caches outside your CDN or the Bloomreach native ones?

Increase the log level on “org.hippoecm.hst.resourcebundle.internal.ResourceBundleRegistryImpl”. It probably logs nothing right now. This should log unregistering your resource bundle on publish/unpublish. If this isn’t happening then there is something wrong. Perhaps the event listener didn’t register. Check for any errors on startup.