RichText removing iframe - BRX 15

Hi all.

We´re getting an issue in content editor when we try to add and iframe tag iside a richtext. We figured out about this after releasing to version 15. I´ve just checked and I was working on version 14.

The behavior is the following.

In a RichText, click in the “source” tab, and paste an iframe:

After that, if you save the document, or just change to the normal view, the source is gone.

In the console we have the richtext configuration to allowing “iframe”

I can also reproduce it in the bloomreach demo project (v15):

Best regards.

There are two levels of cleaning. What you are doing is for the server side html processor. There is a client side cleaner in the CKeditor. That is likely where you have to adjust the behavior.

Nice! Disabling HTML cleaning in the client-side is working. Now “iframe” tag still there. Thanks!!!

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