Right to left text

I need to add support for CMS users to edit in a right to left language, I’ve been able to make the CKeditor support right to left using the bidi plugin however I am having difficulty adding it for simple text inputs like String. I have tried setting my keyboard language to the right to left language as well as setting my browser to a right to left language yet I am still having no luck, is there anyway for me to implement this?


this should be supported by default:

While the text does seem to be coming out right to left the justification of the text is off as in the cursor starts from the left and heads right, the documentation states as such.

For text inputs (text/textarea), this works almost perfectly; the drawback is that the cursor is initially at the left side of the form input.

Is there any way to have it such that the cursor starts on the right hand side and moves left?