Save to repository with REST service


The client does not request a requirement that until now had not been given. The need is to have a REST service (@POST) with which the user can modify the values ​​of the fields of a document. Until now
all we’ve done is query REST services, but not node/document modifications.

Previously we have made a development that is in Production, which reads information from an external repository and saves it in the cms (repository-cms). This is a J2EE build that runs from a cms cronjob. This development is included in the package {myproject}/cms and in it we use the org.hippoecm.repository.impl.WorkspaceDecorator class.

Our problem is that we have tried to use this same class in the package {myproject}/site/components for the REST service (@POST) but it does not allow us. Is there a way to have a REST service in Bloomreach that allows modifications to repository documents/nodes?

Thanks a lot