Separation of Spring project from Hippo CMS

Hi HippoCMS Community,

I am doing some POC for some business requirement but I have a few queries.
I was going through but I didn’t get any dependencies( pom dependencies) to add to my existing project’s POM.XML file.

Is there any documentation or Guide which explains about the integration with Spring Framework apart from the above-mentioned link.

Below are my doubts :

***** Is there any pom Dependencies to include Hippo CMS in my project like we include Spring specific dependencies in our project.

***** Do I need to deploy three(I guess 2 from Hippo and 1 from my existing project) Separate War files to my Tomcat?

***** If I need to deploy 3 war files, then should I remove Hippo Site module ?, as My existing project will be acting and, will be responsible to render the UI to end user depending on the Content retrieved from Hippo Repository.

***** Apart from the above-mentioned Tutorial and library link is there any documents or tutorials or documentation where I can explore more and in-depth on Hippo from a Developer point of view.


Hi Amit,

Sorry for late response. See my comments inline.

The documentation assumes that you already have a web application based on a specific web framework such as Spring or something else, so it doesn’t have to mention about what dependencies you need and it is improper to mention that because it’s about a generic web application based on external frameworks such as spring or struts3, or whatever with HST-2.
But, you still need to add HST dependencies to your existing webapp. The dependencies can be found in site/pom.xml if you generate a project through hippo project archetype.

Try to create a new project using hippo archetype and copy the dependencies in site/pom.xml:

You probably won’t need site war project as you want to integrate your existing web application as a delivery web application. If so, remove site.war project, add your existing webapp with adding necessary dependencies from site/pom.xml. Follow the guideline and see what happens.


Let us know if you have any further questions.