Strange error on cms/console

Hi everyone!

We are having this issue in one of our environments from time to time.

Strange because it does not throw any error in the logs, but it doesn’t allow you to keep working. It’s there just for a certain period of time and then all by himself it just starts working again.

It happens for all users accesing the site from different hosts / browsers.

Do you have an idea what can be the problem?

Well, I realized there’s an error that is constantly repeating.

I didn’t mention before because it happens sometimes when a user logs into the /cms without rights to see the Projects feature, but apparently in this environment this is being thrown multiple times when an admin is logging into the cms/console and with full access to the Projects functionality.

Hi Pablo,
I’ve seen the bitIndex problem once or twice before and it’s probably due to a corrupted search index. , I expect a full re-indexing will mitigate this, if you have the possibility to do so.

Not so sure if the WpmWorkflowException is related though.


I guess you mean a full JCR reinxed, right? How can I accomplish that? I know it’s possible to enable an option to check for JCR inconsistencies, but nothing about triggering full reindex.


Hi everyone,

Just leaving here a post on the jira that is related with this issue that is still unresolved


I see no one answered your last question on full reindex. This is done by removing the storage folder (specified in system property repo.path).

Hi everyone, just reactivating this topic because this issue keeps happening, specially now that more people is accessing the system. We are doing a full reindex every day on startup (environments are shutdown and started again, recreating the aws instance every time with the full index included). Do you have any other idea that could help us search the root cause? We have test and acceptance environment so far and this is only happening in acc.

Make sure you’re shared libs are correct.

Shared libs are in the image which is started in the morning and they dont change during the day (this problem appears only some times, but then it’s there for a long time).


It could be an issue with your domains, but then I would expect always to see this. I think this might require a deeper look into your code/instance unless you have a reproduction path on an archetype.