Swagger page access on Training instance

Hi I’m in the middle of the Developer Foundations Headless Experience Manager training and I can’t access the Swagger UI from for my dedicated - I’m getting 401 (Unauthorised) response.


Are there any specific step that I missed or does it need configuration by Bloomreach?



I’m sorry to hear you are having issues. Is your trainer not able to help? Or is this one of the self service courses? I will see if I can loop in someone from ops. Please be aware this forum may not be the best place to report urgent issues.

Hello @slavP the Swagger UI was recently removed from Content SaaS, so the exercises cannot be done through it. Instead you can use our Postman collections here to do the same steps Postman Collections

Hi @jasper.floor yes it self-service one I’m afraid… I did email the academy and their suggestion was to post here…

thanks @david.bailey let me try this :+1:

As you see, you can get answers here, but you cannot rely on it for quick answers. We are discussing this internally as an issue like yours should have a better support channel.

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