Transform kyrillic into latin letters in document url

Hello :slight_smile:
if we add a document in the russian channel, in the document url the kyrillic letters are used. But we want that for the url the kyrillic letters are transformed into latin. Is this possible ? Does a solution already exist for this?
Thanks a lot in advance!

When you create a document you can override the url. You can also do this when you rename the document. The url is based on the node name. Any document can have a node name different from it’s display name.

in addition, you can also setup custom class which does encoding:

thanks, for the link to the documentation. There’s one thing, I don’t understand, it is written that it is possible to configure the encoding more specific by setting a property ( e.g. ) but which value should have this property?

The value needs to be a class that implements the org.hippoecm.repository.api.StringCodec interface. You will need to implement this yourself. You can use the existing class as an example.

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