Unable to edit files (created via jcr) on the UI


I remotely connect to my hippocms and use JCR to read nodes.
Currently, I have a requirement to create a document using JCR. Using JCR, I have managed to replicate the exact same node structure that is created when we use the UI (properties, mixins, handles) . When I login to the hippocms console I m unable to see a difference between the file I have created via JCR and the file that was created by the UI. However, when I login to the UI, I am unable to find the “Edit”/ “UnPublish” options for the file created by JCR.

If anyone has worked on a similar usecase , please could you guide me with some samples or suggestions ?

Actual Options:


The document variants are probably lacking mixin hippostdpubwf:document?

Using JCR might be too detailed, how about using FolderWorkflow, DocumentWorkflow?
See https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/workflow/document-workflow.html


Many thanks for your prompt response. While comparing the yamls of a file created from the UI and a file via JCR

I found that my created and modified timestamps were in a different format , where as the UI used the ISO Zulu time stamp
and for the property Hippotransalation:id the UI generates a UUID , however I have put in my file name.

Are these significant differences that could cause this, I wonder ?

Many thanks in advance

Looks like I had set a single value to a multi valued property… Works fine… thank you very much