Unable to retreive hippo compound Content in V13 Freemarker Template

Hi All,

We have a document type with nodetypes of type string and hippo:compound.

  1. “title” of type string
  2. “content” of type hippo:compound (this holds mutilple compound types like single column compound, two column compound, rich text editor etc)

When we are trying to retreive the values in freemarker it returns null for content nodetype.

  1. ${document.title} – returns the string value (no issues with this)
  2. ${document.content} – returns null or empty value.

If we rename the “content” to “samplecontent”, we are able to retreive the values.

is there any way to retrieve the value without renaming ?

BRE version: 13.4.8
Beans: Using Dynamic Beans