Unable to retrieve image from hippo document through jsp page

hi friends i converted html page to jsp and integrated into hippo and deployed all resource file and all

are working fine as static page. To make this jsp page dynamic i created document type according to

my page and crated document too, after this i generated bean class, component class and did some

settings in console part everything is fine. Text i made dynamic using string and rich text editor fields in

hippo document like this to make images dynamic i am using image link in hippo document but i am

unable to retrieve image field from hippo document to jsp page i used one hst tag to do this but

getting exception error attached images on this issue, friends help me how to solve this problem.

I can’t see the full error, but I’m guessing there is no method getPic on your bean. Could you share your class and give us the complete log rather than a screenshot that gets cut off.

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see getpic() method

Try separating the tags.

<hst:link hippobean="{document.pic}" var="link"/> <img src="{link}/>

Please share the console output in full.

getPic returns a list, so you need to loop through images with c:forEach tag

thank you…

thank you…