Using Elasticsearch for indexing

The documentation recommends using Elasticsearch as the search provider, but has no documentation regarding it compared to Solr.

Therefore I have some conceptual questions. My biggest issue is the concept of a schema/type/mapping in Elasticsearch related to DocumentBeans in Hippo. Would I need to create a separate index with its own type for each document type in Hippo? If I don’t, I’d end up with a very sparse (a.k.a. most documents only have a few fields, but the entire schema has all possible fields) index.

On the other hand, if I created an index for each document type (news, events, etc.) I’m looking at a lot of manual mapping back and forth, creating separate indices and having to search multiple indices at a time.

Does anyone have any experience with managing this problem? Having multiple document types that you need to search?

You already have a Lucene index available, please make sure that cannot cover your needs before using an external engine. That being said, I don’t think you would need an index per document type, but I am not the expert you are looking for. I think this question has more to do with ES than with BloomReach, so maybe ask on an ES board?