Using ResourceBundle in Document Type Dynamic Dropdown

How can you use a ResourceBundle file as a source on a Dynamic Dropdown field?

Tried using
source: absolute JCR Path to resource bundle file AND also tried the ID of the resource provider
valueListProvider: org.hippoecm.hst.platform.configuration.components.ResourceBundleListProvider


I agree this should be possible, but it appears to be broken currently. I have reported this and it is being investigated.

I already discussed this with engineering years ago and conclusion was that it should have never been implemented or at least implemented differently. Problem is that your component runs within site classloader and when you invoke document properties, you run in cms classloader. That brings all kind of issues, unless involved classes are deployed on a shared class loader (and most of them are not)

I don’t think this is the same issue that you are thinking about. Everything here runs in the cms context and has no relation to site components. IIUC this is about adding a dynamic dropdown to a document type. The component only ever needs to see the result which would be a string property.

my bad, for some reason I thought it was about dynamic component dropdown

Thank you! This would simplify the maintenance of things!