We have requirement to call REST api from compound?

Hello guys,

We have a requirement, we have created compound with 2 text boxes.
as soon as user enters text in the both boxes we want to make REST call is it possible ?

or else we can give button to make Rest call after entering the text ?

please let me know either one of above scenarios are possible in hippo…

kindly let us know, it would be great help.

thanks & regards

In the content perspective, this would require a customization in a Wicket plugin, derived from NodeFieldPlugin. In the Channel Manager’s visual editor, it is not possible.


I recommend you re-evaluate the solution. What if the rest calls fail? How would you recover from that? Are you doing some kind of a validation? What are you trying to achieve?

Could you elaborate what it should do for the user after texts entered?
Do you want to set another field by the input values?
Or do you want to read some external data to use for some reason?
Or both? Or something else?


Hi Woonsanko,

after entering the text user should able to search weather that string exists or not with rest call.
user should be able to save that text box with that value.


Hi Ganesh,

I assume you want to save two fields: one for input text and the other for weather code or something similar.
In that case, External document picker plugin is a practical solution:

Just use a simple External Document Field Picker option by implementing/configuring an ExternalSearchServiceFacade implementation which may invoke an external REST API, when user enters a text and clicks on the search button:

You can save as many extra fields as you want with the ExternalSearchServiceFacade implementation.



HI Woonsan,

thanks for you time, i will try to implement