Workflow/Quiz in CMS


Just looking to see if there is a way to setup content inside the CMS that can resemble a Quiz/workflow.

For example, i have a form with few options in it and the user selects a value and i need to display another form based on what the user selected and so on…

Is there a feature similar to this in Bloomreach I can make use of to create my custom workflow?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe this one can help:

Thank you @woonsanko, this is really helpful.

I was trying to download the demo project and run it locally but facing some issues downloading the “hippo-cms-l10n-maven-plugin” plugin which is defined in the cms/pom.xml.

Looks like the plugin is no longer available in the Central Repository: org/onehippo where the project is referring to…

Perhaps could you try to follow the guide from my colleague below in your maven settings.xml too?