Add a new property to image


I would like to add a property to an image. I can see there is already a File name, description, Thumbnail * and Original against the document type. So I just want to add another text property. But I can’t see a way to actually update that document type… Do I have to do this somewhere in the console?



Yes, you would need to do this through the console. In your imageset definition in the namespaces.

I’m not sure the UI will support displaying the extra properties, which means you would have to customize that. What is the use case? It may be an idea to create a document to hold the extra information and just reference the asset or even store the image in the document rather than as an asset.

Oh the use case was just that we wanted caption text to be stored against the image (that should be cms editable), in the same way that you might store alt text (which is what we’re using the description field for). And then this caption text could be displayed at the bottom of the image wherever you display it, if it’s referenced from the freemarker. Couldn’t work out how to get that working so i’ve stored the caption text in the document for the components and pulled it out that way.