Adding a new un-editable property to a custom document


I have a created a custom document type with properties that can be viewed and edited from the HippoCMS UI. However, for some backend logic I would like to add a property which is not exposed to the user and can only be edited by the backend system user id.

I tried digging into documentation that could help with this, however I couldn’t find suitable ones.

Please could you help suggest a workaround ?


I guess this will still solve the problem:



Thank you so much for the swift response. I did consider that day. However, I have not been successful in setting it up from the UI ?

there is no option to do this via UI, so, you need to use cms/console.

Hi Kiki,

I’ve just confirmed that it is still working. You should add “mode” property (String single) and set it to “view”. Then it makes the field as read-only:



Thank you. very much , That works !