Adding features to project error


I am not sure if this has been asked before bu I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

I have gone through the tutorial of creating a bloomreach project up to adding features to the project.
Every time i try to install a feature/ package, I am blocked with an error that I cannot seem to figure out why. The error is as follows:

>  Error: [$http:baddata] Data must be a valid JSON object. Received: " An server error occured. Please check server logfiles for more inormation.". Parse error: "{}"$http/baddata?p0=%0A%0A%0AAn%20server%20error%20occured.%20Please%20check%20server%20logfiles%20for%20more%20inormation.&p1=%7B%7D

“Please check server logfiles for more information.”

what does the log files say…?

I’ll be honest. I don’t even know where to find the log file.

check target/tomcat9x/logs in your project root folder.

Thank you for your response machak,

There are multiple logs hereimage

which one should I be looking into?

most probably it is printed in the terminal you started your project in, so, answer could be “none”,
or check catalina/localhost log files.

Nothing shows up in the terminal but I can send you a link to the log file to see if you can identify something that I haven’t been able to.

Please let me know if there is some information here

The issue can be caused when running with a jvm > 1.8. Please let us know.