Advanced search label change

Although I read the documentation a couple times, I’m not being able to understand where to put the resource bundle to change the Property filter label in the advanced search screen.

where does this go?
“hippo:cms”: {
“advanced-search-filters”: {
“en”: {
“titlePropertyFilter.propertyName”: “Title”,
“titlePropertyFilter.title”: “Title Filter”
“nl”: {
“titlePropertyFilter.propertyName”: “Titel”,
“titlePropertyFilter.title”: “Titel Filter”


Using the console, find the node/hippo:configuration/hippo:translations/hippo:cms/advanced-search-filters and change the language specific child node values.

above goes into /hippo:configuration/hippo:translations node (end target is /hippo:configuration/hippo:translations/hippo:cms/advanced-search-filters)

Is this for hippo 10? I don’t see the transaltions node in the console, should I add it?

No, for hippo 10 you should refer to the related documentation page