Query related to channel editor

Hi Team,

I have upgraded the hippo project to 12.6.0. But I have question related to channel editor functionality.

When I drop the component in the container for the first time it should display me the required components parameters pop up(To add the parameters in the component). But for adding those
parameters I need to click there again.Is there any step I missed while upgrading or it is part of functionality?


Hi Priyanka,
Not sure from what version you’re upgraded from but this used to be drag-n’-drop, which changed into a click to actually add the component to the container. So I’m not sure if there’s something wrong here.

See also https://documentation.bloomreach.com/12/library/end-user-manual/channel-manager/manage-page-components.html#add-component


I believe there has been some intentional change in behaviour, because we extended the functionality of the edit-content-button (aka manage-content-button). Rather than changing the component properties, the first thing you may want to do after creating a new component is to create a new document for it, which you cannot do through the component properties editor, but through the manage content button. For that reason, the component properties dialog is not opened by default.

Thanks Jeroen and Tobias for your quick replies.

Hi Priyanka,

As a side note, I’d like to point out that (at the time of writing) the latest micro version in the 12 series is 12.6.7-1. If you haven’t already, it’s worth while to upgrade from 12.6.0 to 12.6.7-1 so that you don’t miss any security and bug fixes.


Thank you Gijs for updating me.So I upgraded to 12.6.7-1. But I am not able to find pom dependency for this version.

I looked at following URL:

It works fine for 12.6.7 version.

Can you please let me know if this dependency is available?