Avoid daemon module re-configuration after redeploy

Hello everyone.

I noticed that after re-deploy, the configuration of Deamon Module takes configuration from yaml file that is stored in code base and reset all properties that were before re-deploy. It is not applicable for us behaviour as this configuration is environment specific, so can not be stored in code base.

Is it possible to forbid re-configuration of Demon Module after re-deploy with default properties?

Thanks in advance!

You can mark that configuration as system.

Isn’t “content” more appropriate ? you want the definition to be loaded only once. If the definition already exists it shouldn’t be reloaded

content may be more appropriate.

@bcanvural, @jasper.floor Thanks for the replies!

I achieved desired result by adding .meta:category: system under each target properties in hipposys:moduleconfig.

When I was trying to add .meta:category: content (to the node level as content is not supported for properties) I was getting an exception during repository initialization.

Probably I missed something but is there way to configure hipposys:moduleconfig (once, in the top level) to avoid reloading all child properties in all child config nodes?

Hey @Mykyta,
Can you try the following?

      .meta:residual-child-node-category: content

In some projects I use this to mark users as content for example:

      .meta:residual-child-node-category: content
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Thanks @bcanvural for the advice.
.meta:residual-child-node-category: content works when I am trying to create new child nodes, but not for properties in existed nodes.
Also I noticed in Categorization Article:

There is no equivalent to the residual-child-node-category for properties; properties of a category other than configuration must all be categorized explicitly.

So, I am okay with using .meta:category: system for all properties!
Thanks @jasper.floor, @bcanvural for the replies!