Hi bloomreach community

I have a question I found inside of repository-data all the children projects contains a file named: hmc-module.yam file what does this file

If I want to change the name of any child project from data-repository for instance “application” to “application_content_namespace” also i have to update the hmc-module.yaml in line li e 6 (repository-data/application/src/main/resource )

Of course I do also change pom, and parent pom.

Thanks in advance

By changing the defaults you are just making your life complicated (unless you have a compelling reason…?)…all examples/plugins/default implementations use this structure and also, when asking for help you will have to explain your setup all over again.

Documentation about modules:

If you stick to your plan: you also might need to modify auto-export settings.

Hi Machak,

After reading the documentation, its better not try… I just want to experimented. Actually I change one of the child maven project from repository-data, only changing the pom, the application was running, but not sure if later something can break… so I rollback my changing.

Thanks in advance, you can close this ticket