Best practices to render non-sitemap/component managed content in different layouts


We have documents of type similar to gogreen newsDocument which are being rendered in it’s own page (similar to gogreen newsdocument pages). The document type also includes link references to other documents which are being rendered as teasers on the page. Now, we would like to allow the document authors to change the layout (layout 1, layout 2, etc) of the related content teasers to one of the available layouts similar to how components in channel manager allows to change the layout (assuming that the component provides option to change the layout on the fly). Is this something that’s possible in bloomreach (for non-channel/component managed document pages)?

We can add the layout type as a field in the document type, but this wouldn’t scale well for the obvious reasons. Thanks!


My understanding is that the most direct way to accomplish the solution you’re looking for is to do exactly as you’ve described. Add a field to the document type and drive the layout based upon that field.

It’s possible to create a custom perspective for the CMS that may allow your document authors to accomplish what you are looking for.