Bloomreach 13 Custom Validators


I just upgraded from the latest version of 12 to version 13.4.28 our Bloomreach CMS and I have a small issue related to the validators.
Is there any way to changed the default message of the validators: “This document has 1 error” to a custom text?

Hi @Razvan ,

Please do check Here where you will be abe to configure Validation Messages.

Hi Pradeep,

I was checking that part of the documentation but my goal is to change the message I see on top left of the page which displays the by default the number of errors on the document, not the message that you see on the filed of the document.

In version 12 I was able to add a different message for each validation but this changed in version 13.

Here is a screenshot for more clarity on the issue:

I believe that message is in the same resource bundle

You are correct about the change in behavior. The field validation messages are supposed to show up with the field. The message you are talking about is indeed only the summary of errors. You can change the message, but it will still only be the summary, you can’t dynamically inject other messages.

You can still validate per field and add specific messages there, but it will be displayed with the field.

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