Custom validation breaking Channel view

We’ve recently implemented custom validation on a field, and it’s working fine in the content editor. However, we’ve since noticed that the channel editor interface (that is, editing a document or piece of content within the channel view) has stopped working.

I’ve since narrowed this down - as soon as a custom validator is linked to the field, the channel editor stops working and says the document may only be edited in the content editor.

See below:

Validation type Works in channel editor?
No validation YES
Built-in validations YES
Built-in validations (with custom input, e.g. regex) NO
Custom validation (which never returns violations) NO
Custom validation NO

Could you advise if custom validations are compatible with the channel editor? Is this feature available in Bloomreach Experience Manager?
(We’re currently using Hippo CMS 12.5.)

Thank you.

Hi Katie,

You’re absolutely right, custom field validators don’t work (yet) in the “Visual Editor”, as we call the content editor in the Channel Manager. This limitation is also documented at (section “Supported Validators”).

The good news is that we’re actively working on supporting custom validators in the Visual Editor. The current plan is to ship this with version 13.2 (but I can’t give hard guarantees :).


Thanks Mathijs,

It would be really beneficial for us if it’s available from 13.2. We’re looking to get onto 13.1 in the couple of months so we’ll be ready for 13.2 :).


Hi Katie,

Small update on custom validation support in the Channel Manager. Unfortunately that did not make 13.2, but it will be included in 13.3.


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