Bloomreach Max and Min Java Heap Size recommended


We are currently using the version 12.6.26 of Bloomreach CMS with plans to move to the version 13 in the next months.

Do you know if there is a recommended Max and Min Java Heap Size for Bloomreach CMS?


There is no good answer for this as so much depends on implementation and site traffic. So as far as official recommendations go, there really aren’t any.

Hi @jasper.floor , thank you for your reply!

We are receiving around 3 requestes per second and our implementention is Ubuntu 22.0.4 with 8 GB of RAM, Java version 1.8.0_392.

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but would you be able to provide the min and max heap size based on our implementation and traffic, please?


it really still depends on the details of your implementation. However if that 8gb is the java heap space it should be plenty. How many instances are you running? If you are experiencing performance issues, you could add another instance to your setup. But it would likely be more useful to first analyze where your system is taking a lot of time. You can use hst page diagnostics for that.


We have a total of 8GB RAM memory on the environment and we setup the Max Heap size to 6GB. This has been done on the test environment where we have 3 instances running (in prod we have 25 instances). We did had an outage in test which we are not completly sure is related to the increase of the Heap Size from 2GB to 6GB, hence my question on this post.

@jasper.floor one more question, do you think we can use the hst page diagnostics page to test the application if we use it on a headless way?

YEs you can still use the hst:pagediagnostics in a headless mode.