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Hello. What is the difference between these fields, maybe this is a stupid question, but I did not find a description in the documentation

thank you in advance

Most of these have been removed in the current version of brxm. They are values returned by java.lang.Runtime.

  • maximum is the the maximum amount of memory the jvm will try to use. This is the only one still reported on.
  • taken is the total memory used by the jvm
  • free is the amount of free memory in the jvm
  • memory in use it total - free
  • total free is maximum - taken + free (not sure what use that is)

Anyway, the other values are really changeable and of little to no use. Maximum is the only relevant one. The others are better represented using monitoring that can show changes over time.

thanks for the answer. I would like to ask how much memory my Hippo CMS takes so long to load content and think. Can you tell me how to optimize the work of Hippo CMS 12.6.8?

You might consider increasing the bundle cache. You will need increase the heap amount by the same as you increase the bundle cache.

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Thank you very mutch. Is it possible to clear the database of unused data? somehow define them

Looke here at the cleanup tasks. That will clean some data. Your own content can’t be cleaned up automatically. Even unpublished content can’t automatically be cleaned as it may be published again. Or it may have not been published yet. Only you can determine what data of yours can be removed.

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  <Workspace ...>
      **<param name="bundleCacheSize" value="4096"/>**

   <Versioning ...>
      **<param name="bundleCacheSize" value="1024"/>**

Is it possible to do this? Will this greatly increase optimization?

This will work, but I cannot guarantee it will improve performance. It may if that was the problem before, but if it is slow for another reason it won’t help. But this is an easy thing to try.

If you are doing this on a server instance, you will need to change the workspace.xml by hand. see here