Bloomreach Page Model API + Facets returned


I’m using the page model api in combination with the blog posts that are part of the example.
I’m using angular for the SPA implementation.

I’m getting on the blog list the list of blogs back. However the available facets (Authors,Categories,…) are not returned. Only the root navigation bean is returned and is refering to a document that is not part of the model, “/page/u/content/documents/cms/blogFacets/hippo:resultset”.

How do I get the facets back and the counts per facet?

Even if I use the ?_maxreflevel=5 it doesn’t return the facets under the rootnavigationFacets. The model stops at the root navigation bean.



Hi Jeroen,

Best to never modify the maxreflevel from the default 1. I assume you are using PaaS right? You should be able to add a component to the page for the facets. Did you start out with an archetype project right?

Hi Jeroen,

I just did reproduce it. By default I see that the page delivery api (PDA or PMA as it is also called) does not serialize the ‘facets’. Also the hippo:resultset does not include the actual documents of the resultset.

So this is an issue. I’ve created for tracking