SPA site not visible within Channel Manager

Hi, we have a SPA site developed in react and trying to integrate with Channel Manager. The page model API works and able to consume the bloomreach components but the integration the other way doesn’t work.

I have followed the SPA configuration documentation here:

We have noticed that bloomreach v13 does not return beginNodeSpan and endNodeSpan as part of the json response so no begin and end comments in the html.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Jaimin,

Do you use our SPA SDK in the project? Does the URI start with _cmsinternal?


Hi Dokmic,
I’m following instructions stated here:

when CMS load the site it enables the preview mode by adding _cmsinternal into the URL.

I’m not sure about setting up the proxy since the demo-spa-integration project doesn’t need one. Also the instructions in the first url are not uptodate with latest BR version 13.3.

I tried setting up the URL rewriter but some static resources are not loading in channel manager.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using an enterprise project? (installed " Convert to Enterprise Project" through essentials) If not then the blue overlays will not appear. Also check if you have the latest version of the SDK and example project. With 13.x something new got introduced which required a fix in the sdk and frontend example project.