Broken links plugin


We upgraded from 11 to 12 and lost a plugin in the process.

In the reports tab, we used to have the “Broken links” plugin. I figured the old configuration and seem to manage to get it back but I can’t figure out what it actually does and how does it do it.

I checked for information in the documentation but could only find a reference in security domains and some mentions in release notes.

The thing is that we are not using hippo templates, we are using headless and we don’t do pages via ftl any more. Is this something that is useful to have if we use hippo in headless mode?

What kind of broken links does it follow? I’m assuming some of the links generated by the page templates?

Sorry if I’m not using the right vocabulary/terms. The main thing I’m looking for is a lead on any documentation or info about this plugin.


Broken links plugin has been discontinued.

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Hi Pedro,

The broken-links checker used to check for broken links in the content. Unfortunately the broken-links checker is broken itself and that’s why it has been disabled from a UI perspective, see
In the recent documentation it’s no longer there, as it shouldn’t be used anymore.

If you want to find out if there are any links on your site failing it’s probably best to use an external tool to check this.

Regards, Niels