Related Documents plugin

Where can I find release notes for plugin-related-documents?

I have noticed other plugins can act finicky about the version installed but I can’t find anything about the appropriate version of the plugin for my project (using Hippo v11.2.3)

The essentials tool doesn’t let me configure the plugin to existing doctypes in either my project or in the hippo-gogreen project (v12.x) so I am at a loss how to apply or configure the plugin, either. (disabled button for add related documents).

Using the essentials tool per the documentation imported v4.2.0, but I I can find tags for 4.2.2, 5.2.1, 3.2.4.

Any help installing/configuring/applying this plugin to my document would be appreciated because it appears to be precisely a feature we want to implement. Thanks!


the version of the related documents plugin is typically controlled through the parent POM of your Hippo Maven project. Essentials’ UI for setting up related documents is somewhat confusing, you must fill in a value in the “nr. of suggestions” column yourself. By default, it shows a placeholder value of 10, but the form will only enable the Add related documents button once you typed in a value yourself.

Hope this helps


I am embarrassed to report he problem was on my end - I couldn’t submit changes to the doctype because I didn’t recognized the count field was really empty (the placeholder made it appear populated). I believe I am unblocked now.

Thanks for responding,

Don’t be embarrassed, I’ve had the same issue. It’s possibly a point for improvement in the UI.

This looks to be already improved in 12.2, see