Brut Resources for version 12

We are trying to implement Brut Resources in CMS 12. We are are going through demo project on github and running into some issues

Can we use brut Resources for Version Bloom reach version 12?

In the Example project all Rest apis and CND files exist in Test directory is there any specific reason for that?

With Brut Resources can we able to integrate Wrok Flow manger

Our Rest api use workflowmanager( our apis update documents with WorkFlowManger) and we use event bus also on top of that?

Hi @bkancharla, welcome to the community and thanks for your interest in brut!

Yes, the support/1.x branch is for version 12.x

Check out the “demo” project within the codebase. There, you’ll see that the actual rest apis are in site module: brut/demo/site/src/main/java/org/example/rest at support/1.x · bloomreach-forge/brut · GitHub

As for the cnd files, they should be in the test folder. in the test resources you should setup the test repository with your project’s cnd files and your test context’s spring xml. This .cnd file brut/myhippoproject.cnd at support/1.x · bloomreach-forge/brut · GitHub for example should be a copy of your project’s cnd file.

That’s very difficult. Although I got it to work at some point I had to include alot more yaml files. So many more that I decided to leave it out. If I include it though that would be targeted for a v14 compatible release, not a 12.x one. 12.x support is in maintenance mode, so no new features.

So currently, rest api support is for apis that do read operation only. If you want to test writes, unfortunately it is not currently supported

As for event bus, I never investigated this. It seems difficult/unreasonable to achieve for a testing framework. Events for publication workflow are asynchronous and in test execution context that doesn’t play nicely.

I hope this helps,