Issues on deployment to Bloomreach Cloud


Sorry if this is not the correct place, but is there any known maintenance / issues with the Bloomreach Cloud? I’m experiencing some speed issues to upload a new package and when it completes, I just receive the following error and it logs me out:

“The distribution file is invalid, make sure required enterprise jar files are part of the distribution. See the inline help or online documentation for more information”

I usually works fine and uploads pretty fast. Doesn’t seem to be a connection issue and there has been no changes on the project settings since the last deployment. Is there anywhere I can see some detailed error log on the Bloomreach Cloud to investigate what’s wrong?

Bloomreach version: 14.7.3
Commands used to build the package:

mvn clean verify
mvn -Pdist


Hi Marcelo,
The distribution doesn’t seem to be ready to be deployed on Cloud because it doesn’t contain the addons Enterprise Repository and Lucene Index Export. At least that is what the message says.

See Configure a Bloomreach Experience Manager Project for Deployment in Bloomreach Cloud - Bloomreach Experience Manager - The Fast and Flexible Headless CMS

Not sure what changed on project level but you can use the Essentials Bloomreach Cloud feature.


Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for the quick reply!
Just checked Essentials Tool and it seems that both addons are installed and enabled.

Are those the correct ones?

Yes the Bloomreach Cloud is the correct one.

Then you best look a step deeper: are the hippo-enterprise-repository-engine.jar and hippo-addon-lucene-export.jar files still part of the CMS in your distribution?

Maybe compare an older (working) distribution with the current one, on jar level.

If no results, create a ticket at then we have some dedicated time to help you.

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi Jeroen,

I’ve followed that but couldn’t find the jar files that you mentioned indeed.
Should those be on the shared/libs folder inside the distribution?

Another interesting thing is that I was also not able to find it on a working distribution. Or maybe I’m just looking on the wrong place.


Hi Jeroen,

Just tested again the same package from yesterday and seems to be fine now.
No speed issues or errors displayed.

Not too sure what happened, but thanks anyway for the help!