Cannot return a ResolvedMount

When I try to run my site on my test server
[] Virtual Host ‘’ is not (correctly) mounted for portnumber ‘0’ and contextpath ‘/site’: We cannot return a ResolvedMount. Return null
I have configured as per hippo instruction. Not sure why I am still getting this error

I am able to run cms and cms/console successfully.

Can you export your hst:mount information and show us here ? May be try to change your portnumber the number 0 may be invalid portnumber

Port 0 is a valid port, but all ports up to and including 1023 are controlled by the system. I suggest using 8080, which is what would be configured by default. Also 0 is reserved and is sometimes used for dynamic port allocation.

edit: Though I think the port number 0 is assigned by default on initialization and it implies a misconfiguration somewhere.

yes you are right Jasper. I just speak in the web development sense.

in my url I am not using any port
There is no port number in virtual host group.

it was working good 3 weeks ago, not sure why it is not working now

I configure host info like this

And I am navigating site without port 8080

The port is set to 0 as a default, so this implies a misconfiguration somewhere. Could you share an export of your configuration from the console?

jcr:primaryType: hst:virtualhostgroup
jcr:uuid: 8e9128eb-3437-4f84-a0cc-1fb3d19afe5c
jcr:primaryType: hst:virtualhost
jcr:uuid: 3cd7f13a-229f-4b6d-a570-1c2c31f066ea
jcr:primaryType: hst:virtualhost
jcr:uuid: b0b4c295-17fd-4aa4-ac6a-3359d2a937aa
jcr:primaryType: hst:virtualhost
jcr:uuid: 37822155-f051-4e4e-aea3-87a8aa1b8243
jcr:primaryType: hst:virtualhost
jcr:uuid: a0af45a9-ea10-4e4c-83f2-ef8ae7ae3ff8
jcr:primaryType: hst:mount
jcr:uuid: ae1d7e39-b4e7-431d-b2bd-99fa92c42f10
hst:homepage: root
hst:mountpoint: /hst:hst/hst:sites/HippoISDP
hst:scheme: https
hst:showcontextpath: false
hst:showport: false

I don’t see any issue there. If you have a support licence then I suggest you take up contact through official channels. This may require more attention than I can give it here.

Are you using a proxy? The original error mentioned, which is not what is configured above.