Hippo version13.00: Channel Issue

Hi Team,

I am working on Hippo upgrade from version 12.00 to 13.00. I have follwoing issue:

As we have default configuration available for dev-localhost everything is working fine on my local machine. But when I move changes to dev environment I am not able to see the channels.I have done similar configuration under /hst:platform/hst:hosts which I have under hst:hosts.

I see logs for that so I am only getting warning as follows:

[WARN] [org.hippoecm.hst.container.HstDelegateeFilterBean] [] [] [] []
‘Request{ method=‘GET’, requestURI=’/cms/’,
queryString=‘1-1.IBehaviorListener.0-root-pinger&_=1580915265739’}’ can not be matched to a host. Skip HST Filter and request processing.

I think there is some host mismatch under /hst:platform/hst:hosts. I gone through few Urls as follows:

Is there something I am missing or wrong that I can cross verify?


Requests on your dev server aren’t asking for localhost, they are asking for “dev.server.com” (or whatever it is in your case). You need to add configuration for that.

Thanks Jasper for reply .Yes, I have already added that specific to dev environment. But still facing same issue.


Hi Jasper,

I think there is something missing in /hst:platform/hst:hosts configuration causing issue in showing channels. I have done same configuration which we have under /hst:hosts
Can you please guide us what could be the issue? Here are some more details.

e.g.my cms host is: wcm-dev.xyz.org/cms so I did try by adding similar configuration which I have under hst:hosts to hst:platform/hst:hosts. But I have same issue.
So I did try by following way as well shown in the screenshot attached.

I can see the content and site is also working fine. I am still getting the warning which I have mentioned above.
I have added following two properties on mount points also:
hst:ismapped = false
hst:namedpipeline = WebApplicationInvokingPipeline

Thanks in advance.


Hi pbhagwat,

I have the exactly same issue with 13.4.2.

Have you fixed this issue?