Can't get experience-react-sdk in-context editing to work correctly

I’m trying to get in-context editing working correctly with the experience-react-sdk, but I’m having some issues getting the orange Edit icons to appear. I’ve successfully built and run the Hippo example from hippo-demo-spa-integration. When I run the react example from the examples folder in that repo, I can succesfully see the orange Edit icons (screenshot below).

However, when I run the client-side example from the experience-react-sdk/examples folder, the orange Edit icons do not appear (screenshot below).

This is the behavior I’m exhibiting out-of-the-box. I haven’t made any changes to either of the example projects mentioned above. Is there any additional configuration that I’m missing? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Are you using the enterpise edition? Channel Manager integration is only supported in the enterprise edition.