Channel show page not found

Dear Community,

Currently I have 3 channels when I click on my channel demo, after that display “page not found”

but this channel has two pages
so if I go to

display homepage and news

how I link when i click on channel display homepage?
Thanks in advance,

Hi andorian,

By default, the page that is loaded when you open a channel is the root page. The “root” sitemap item is a unique name that supports no site context path. You should rename your homepage to “root” and it will serve at localhost:8080/site/ instead of localhost:8080/site/homepage.

If you want to change which page is opened when you open a channel, you can change it on the hst:mount node.

Hi Nicholas,
Thank you for you explanation, let me share with you my configuration to check if Im doing correctly in the sitemap

Is it hst:relativecontentpath need it?

Below is what I configure the hst:mount

Thank in advance

The relative content path is not necessary for what you’re trying to do. Change the value on the hst:root node.

Do mean hst:root in the sitemap ? I did, please check the first picture. For the rest only I need to remove the relativecontent my configuration is ok?, thanks in advance

No, the property is on hst:bloomreach/hst:hosts/dev-localhost/localhost/hst:root

thanks you Nicolas,

Do you mean add in a new property in the hst:roothst:homepageroot

With the current configuration you have in the most recent screenshot, you should have solved your issue. Is it fixed now or are you trying to do something else?

Hi Nicholas,

Sorry for the delay of my answer, yes it’s solve, we can close this thread

Thank you for your help