CKEditor blockquote plugin integration not working


I try to add blockquote to richtext it is not working ,below configuration I have used
{extraPlugins: ‘blockquote’}

{extraPlugins: ‘blockquote’}

Can someone please help me , when I try other plugin placeholder and smiley they are working fine I can see both added to richtext.
Hippo version number is 12.6.2

Thanks in advance.

I found the solution ,after I add below configuration it is working.
{ extraPlugins: ‘blockquote’, toolbarGroups: [ { name: ‘blocks’ } ] }

The “blockquote” plugin adds the “Blockquote” toolbar item (a button), which is part of the toolbar group “blocks”. This toolbar group is not shown by default, hence you don’t see the Blockquote button by default.

The following ckeditor.config.overlayed.json value adds the blockquote plugin and includes the ‘blocks’ toolbar group so the button appears:

extraPlugins: ‘blockquote’,
toolbarGroups: [
{ name: ‘blocks’ }

See [1] for a list of plugins, toolbar items and their toolbar groups. Toolbar configuration is explained at [2].





Thanks for the details , I fixed already