Unable to add `colorbutton` plugin to Richtext editor


I am unable to add colorButton plugin to RichText Editor field in Document-Type.
I’ve performed following steps as per documentation
value of property ckeditor.config.appended.json
{ toolbarGroups: [ { name: ‘colorbutton’ } ] }

value of property ckeditor.config.overlayed.json
{ extraPlugins: ‘colorbutton’ }

But still no plugin gets added to Rich text Editor.
I tried to use same properties to add other available plugin like font,about which they work fine.

Does anyone know any other steps needs to be done to display color button in Rich text Editor?


The toolbar group name of the color button is “colors”, not “colorbutton”. Which button has which name and which toolbar group is documented at https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/document-types/html-fields/ckeditor-toolbar-items.html CKEditor itself does not document this at all AFAIK, you basically have to rely on the source code or our documentation page.

So the color button should appear with the following configuration:

ckeditor.config.appended.json: { toolbarGroups: [ { name: ‘colors’ } ] }

ckeditor.config.overlayed.json: { extraPlugins: ‘colorbutton’ }

hope that helps,