CkEditor related query

We have added markdown plugin of ckeditor to our textareas inside content blocks.
There are two issues -

  1. When creating an anchor in the text, its not converted to markdown (in markdown mode) and still shows as html like this -
    < a id=“Test” name=“Test”>SomeText< /a>

  2. Is it possible to read content of all other instances of textareas within the content block from one textarea? (The need is to be able to create anchors in different textareas and link them all in the first textarea)

Any pointers would be appreciated. Please let me know if more details are required.


  1. I’m not sure. The markdown plugin is not one we include. It might be interaction between existing plugins. Could have to do with html cleaning. Also, make sure you are using compatible versions. But I can’t give you a real answer.

  2. Not out of the box and I imagine writing a plugin for this could be quite challenging. Perhaps you can do something with events or derived data. The rich text fields are just string properties in nodes.