CMS Functional Regression Test Suite

Could you please provide details about automated Regression Test Suite which covers the BAU functionalities of CMS capabilities.
If there exists a Regression Test Suite ; then could you please also provide details about the Test Coverage and list of functionalities validated as part of the suite.

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We have tests that we run internally, which includes regression testing. This is an internal process only and we don’t make it available for third parties. I’m not sure what you are looking for. If you need information for marketing/sales purposes then I suggest you make contact with our sales department, they can help you. If you need it for development purposes then I am afraid we can’t help you. You can create tests, and there is some support with mock objects and even a mock repository (see RepositoryTestCase). But this is not well documented. Openweb made a nice test suite, you can look that up (don’t have the url handy atm).

this one?:

What does BAU acronym mean?

BAU refers to “Business As Usual”. Standard CMS Functionalities is what I’m referring here.

Thank You for the reply.

We are basically looking for some functional tests that verifies standard CMS functionalities (like Creating an Article, Editing an Article, etc) which is already automated using an Automation Tool like Selenium.

If above is YES; then we want to re-use such automated Functional Regression Test Suite and extend/enhance/develop additional functionalities/tests based on our business use cases and requirements.

Is this something which is already available. Please provide inputs for better understanding.

We don’t offer any of our internal testing tools for external use. So we cannot offer you anything on this front.

Thank You for the updates and info.

So to double-clarify that Bloomreach will not be offering/sharing any internal automated functional test suite developed using test automation tools with those vendors who contractually uses Bloomreach product. Is that correct statement?

That is correct. For the product itself we guarantee it’s functioning. So like with any other product you wouldn’t test that as such. For your own implementation/customizations tests may be warranted. For that there is some tooling available in the form of mock objects, but not our internal test suites.

Thank You Jasper & Team for the clarification and info. This helps.

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