Commerce Connector built on v13+ SDK not compatible with BRXM v14.3


We had built a commerce connector using the v13.x sdk. That doesn’t seem to be compatible with BRX v14.1+. I know there is a new connector sdk for v14.1+ but I wanted to know if it is possible to migrate old connector to support latest BRXM version?


It should be possible by following the upgrade notes, up to your upgrade target version:

For example, if you want to upgrade brXM to v14.3.0, you will need apply all those upgrade notes.



Thanks for the reply @woonsanko, those documentations does not refer how to upgrade commerce connector. I was rather referring to upgrade the connector we built.
So we are not upgrading BRXM, we have rather installed the fresh BRXM 14.3 with B2C commerce accelerator. We are trying to run our old commerce connector we built against BRXM v13.x but that is giving errors. I am looking for an upgrade guide of how to upgrade commerce connector implementation.

In addition, I have another question :slight_smile: In past I faced that introducing new repositories (for example WishlistRepository interface) in commerce connector was not accessible in BRXM project. Has that been addressed? For example, if I introduce WishlistRepository interface and register in connector-base.xml, would this new repo be available in BRXM project?

In the upgrade notes, I see only some api deprecations, so I assume the Commerce Connector SDK APIs should be backward compatible unless there’s some unexpected changes.
Could you post any compilation errors when building your connector module after bumping up the commerce connector SDK to v14.x?

I think so. At some moment, the way how to retrieve the repository components was changed to use the repository class type like the following. See in [1] how commerceRepositoryMap has repository components with the interface type keys and component references.

        final WishListRepository wishListRepo = StarterStoreConnectorUtils.getCommerceRepository(commerceConnector,