Creating custom connector (starterStore 2.0.0)

Hello Experts,
I have created new connector like existing commercecloud connector (from CMS). After creating it I do not see the updates in file ‘repository-data/application/src/main/resources/hcm-content/content/documents/administration/commerce-connectors.yaml’.
Do I need to do it manually?

Please check if auto export is enabled. Once you logged in the cms application, check if the “Auto Export” option is set to on in the bottom right (it should be red). If not, click on it.

Moreover, please consider that from StarterStore 2.X we have introduced the Commerce Connector SDK [1]: we suggest to follow this approach while creating new connectors.


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Thank you, @giacomolm for the reply Auto export was off by default. After enabling it I can see the updated yaml.
Regarding the creating new connector I will follow the document and update the post here.