Conditions for Hippo Valve

Hi, guys.

Anyone knows, is it possible to enable “valve” (hippo filters) under certain conditions? For example, define variable into the and if it’s true, then enable the valve, otherwise no.

if you are talking about a custom valve you are adding, you can achieve this in multiple ways i think.

  1. Surround your valve logic with a boolean. Read the boolean from a properties file
  2. Conditionally add the valve beans (Spring has support for this)
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Thank you, I’ve already done it in a first way. Thank you

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And presumably, you could also use the same approach for an OOTB valve, by decorating the OOTB valve with your class implementing the boolean logic.

Not sure what you mean by decorating here. You don’t have access to the ootb valve code unless you override those spring beans with your own beans (which I don’t think is a supported way of using brxm). I also don’t see the use case for that. You can always construct your own pipeline with your own valves