Content HalApi - 4.1.0

Hello All,

Configured V4.1.0 content halapi in local and higher environments and trying to retrieve the documents based on document type. But it throws 400 response.

Response: {“_error”:{“status”:400,“description”:“No matched content type.”}}
localhost Url: localhost:8081/site/{channelname}/halapi/Promo
Bloomreach version: 14.7.7
Documentation URL : Content HAL API - Bloomreach Experience Manager (PaaS/Self-Hosted) - The Fast and Flexible Headless CMS

Facing this issue in higher environments(QA and PROD) as well.

Could you please help me in resolving this issue?


After analyzing, I have found that we are able to retrieve the document types only if they are created with small case.

Could you please let us know if am missing any ?

Not sure… as far as I can see from the underlying code, the type should be retrieved by the given name, based on the node name of the type directly below /hippo:namespaces (which should match the cnd entry)

That means I expect it to be case matching, not necessarily lowercase only.