Exception when clicking Done to add new document type - 2.7 Exercise 2

Developer Foundations - Content SaaS training. I’m able to create the Field Group titleandimage, but consistently see an error/exception after filling in the string/richtext in a new doc type. The exception occurs when clicking on Done, but it looks like the new document is created. I’ve attempted this 3 separate times with different names for the new document.

Training env: brx-content-training04.bloomreach.io

The document type is not in the drop down when attempting to add the new document in the next step.

The only deviation I can think of is that I set the localhost URL in the config as http instead of https. Hoping for any help!

Hello @jonathanansira I will take a look at this for you.

Hello @jonathanansira I have created the content types for you with new names: FAQtest and titleandimagetest. Can you please continue your exercises and use these instead of FAQ and titleandimage wherever they are referred to? Their full names will be referencespa:FAQtest and referencespa:titleandimagetest

If you have any other issues let us know, thanks!