Content no synced when deployed to cloud

We have imported JSON files and created hundreds of document in the CMS using Updater script. I have also made some changes to documents like published all and made some changes to the fields. All these action in turn made changes to products.yaml file at (repository-data\application\src\main\resources\hcm-content\content\documents\myproject\products.yaml). Created a distribution and deployed it to an environment on the Bloomreach Cloud.

The content is not getting synced up and the changes in the documents that were working on the are not working on the cloud. I still see the first time loaded content with no new changes

How do I update the content in the cloud automatically when the distributions deployed ? as I have the changes made in local updating to yaml.

I followed this
and have created hcm-actions.yaml at the same location as where hcm-module.yaml lives

\hcm-actions.yaml is the file,

  • 1.0:
    /content/documents/mysite/products: reload
    dont have anything else.

But this doesn’t seem to update the documents for my site deployed on the cloud in a STAGE environment.

repo.bootstrap s also set to true that I can see on the system information


Can someone please help me on this ?