Unexpected behavior hcm-actions reload

I have a hcm-actions.yaml as followed:

- 1.0:
    /content/documents/example/a: reload
- 2.0:
    /content/documents/example/b: reload

After starting the application locally, the content gets reloaded correctly and my hcm:module property hcm:lastexecutedaction is set to 2.0.

When I edit /content/documents/example/b and persist the changes and follow up with a restart, /content/documents/example/b is back to bootstrap content. This seems to contradict the documentation (https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/configuration-management/manage-content.html):

So, if above actions list is deployed to environment E where, previously, actions with sequence number 1.0 have already been executed, the bootstrapping process will only execute actions with version number greater than 1.0.

When I remove 2.0 from my action-lists and restart my application, even /content/documents/example/a is set to bootstrap content again and hcm:lastexecutedaction is set to 1.0.

Both these results are unexpected to me. Can anyone shed some light on why I see this happen?

Hippo version: 12.4.1

P.S. If I remove 2.0 and change /content/documents/example/b in the application, the change persists through restarts.

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