Content paths referred in components are not updated on document/folder rename through CMS update

Hi Team,

Dynamically created pages through Experience manager with catalog components,
webmasters create documents and refers in component as absolute path.
On some scenarios webmasters rename/move the documents and folders.
On updating content path, referred path changes are not updated components hst:parametervalues.

For example, We have Hero component added into our home page and it refers document as /content/documents/demo/hero/homebanner.
Let homebanner document was inside hero folder, If we rename hero folder as banners, this path change was not updated in
refered components. This change was breaking our home page experience, because the webmaster/editor are not aware the referred


Hi Gnanamoorthi,

You’re correct, these are path references that may break on rename or move. We know about this situation and are thinking to improve on that, see for instance issue CMS-13381. It’s not an easy task, I’m hoping it will get enough priority to do that in upcoming (major) version.


Thanks @jeroen.hoffman